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Pinterest Recipes and Ballet Bar Workouts

Mar. 6, 2013—Spring Break: I don’t really believe the “spring” part, but the break is needed. I’m visiting my roommate’s wonderful family in Denver, Colorado, and it snowed so much yesterday! I sat in their kitchen mesmerized at the flakes falling gracefully to coat the ground with a fresh layer of snow. Nashville hasn’t really introduced me to...

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Feb. 20, 2012—As a freshman last year, I was utterly determined to keep that freshman fifteen off.  So, when I discovered the free workout classes offered at the Rec, I was hooked! …and have been ever since!

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Feb. 15, 2012—In light of this new semester, I've been trying to exercise more (big emphasis on trying). I'm not particularly a fan of working out, so I like to find ways of exercising which are actually fun as well. I love swimming at the Rec, but I generally don't have enough time to set aside for a good swim, so recently I've picked up a new hobby--kickboxing!

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