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Finals Week at Vanderbilt

Dec. 15, 2016—What is Finals Week like at Vanderbilt?

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My First Blog! (Feat. Nashville’s Weather)

Oct. 4, 2015—The weather transition from North to South isn't easy, but boy is it worth it.

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Off Campus Study Date

Dec. 11, 2012—Last week my friend and I both had a lot of work to do for a couple of our classes. However, rather than staying on campus to study, we decided to venture off campus for a change of scenery!

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Mar. 25, 2011—Let’s talk caffeine. As most college students (and many high school students) can testify, caffeine, specifically in the form of coffee, is a substance akin to blood or water in its importance to student survival. This biological dependence on/addiction to caffeine intrigued my inner mathematician (double major!), so I decided to look into caffeine as...

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