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‘Sigma Phi Lambd’

I’ve Always Wanted an Older Sister: Sigma Phi Lambda, the Christian Sorority!

Mar. 8, 2016—Ten minutes before the introduction to Phi Lamb, I walked determinedly across the Vandy bridge and promised myself I wouldn't say yes. And then they asked if I wanted to join, and well, they were just too wonderful. And now I'm so, so happy to say that I'm a Lamb!!! Read on for why Phi Lamb!

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Something’s Changed: Coming Back to Vandy, January 2016

Mar. 7, 2016—After a changed flight number and an hour-and-a-half delay, I’m finally headed back to Vanderbilt!!! I’m so excited to go back and have a huge salad from the salad bar, or maybe a veggie burger with Tabasco, or maybe even a bowl of rice. Or actually, maybe everything. After all, I have five new flex meals… ;)

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