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Checking Boxes

Dec. 16, 2012—As you may or may not have heard, Vanderbilt is in finals mode, the campus a seething mass of caffeinated 20-somethings attempting to re-learn (or simply learn) content from wildly disparate courses. As this drama unfolds around me, threatening to engulf countless students, I will be acting as Inside ‘Dores’ Jim Cantore, reporting live from...

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Catch-Up with Nathan and Victoria: Chapter III

Nov. 22, 2012—Well, that was cathartic. Turns out blogging is really excellent for morale, especially when I can take events that have been weighing heavily on my long-term memory (I do use that memory for class and whatnot) and put them in the electronic memory bank known as Inside ‘Dores. That came out more Star Wars-ish than...

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The Mechatronics Master

Apr. 27, 2012—As I mentioned in a post near the semester’s beginning, my Mechatronics class culminated in a final design project. I celebrated Rites of Spring (click here for Victoria’s article) by staying up very very late night after night in order to design, build, troubleshoot and complete my project, and the fruits of my labor (the system and the 10-page...

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Final Projects

Mar. 26, 2012—For better or for worse, there are a lot of indicators that I’m becoming an upperclassman (see Figure 1). I have a lot of (sometimes unwanted) responsibilities in ROTC, I’m finding myself considering leadership in multiple school organizations, and my schoolwork is maturing from problem sets to more design and analysis-based projects.

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