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Group Presentations Galore

Apr. 18, 2013—I'm a science major, so I'm used to your average "four tests and a final" grading system. This semester, I was thrown for a bit of a loop when I learned I would have group presentations in three of my four classes.

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Oct. 3, 2012—Vanderbilt recently announced that it is partnering with Coursera to offer free online courses. As such, when I was able to attend Daphne Koller’s (co-creator of Coursera) presentation for extra credit, I was super-excited. I thought it would be a somewhat interesting discussion, but I never imagined just how incredible this program really is nor how influential it will be to my future career...

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Microspheres and DTI: What Am I Doing Here?

Dec. 7, 2011—This afternoon, I got a chance to see two presentations by Master’s candidates in the Biomedical Engineering department. Surrounded by rabidly hungry grad students (it was actually really funny to see them race for the free pizza), I was first treated to an intellectually stimulating presentation on smart microspheres developed to release drugs in a...

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