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‘pre-med life’

Reflections on My First College Exam

Jan. 17, 2019—The college application process is stressful (that’s pretty much an accepted fact). The one aspect of college admissions that stressed me out especially was testing. In the months that I carefully and meticulously planned out my application, wrote out essays, sought out recommenders, and met with high school advisors, the idea of having to take...

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Literally Everything about Academics (Or, How to Succeed at General Chemistry)

May. 29, 2017—Being real about grades, those people with the detailed excel spreadsheets, The Upperclassmen, and of course, General Chemistry. What would be a post without it?

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Life of a Vandy Pre-Med

Sep. 21, 2013—Ever wondered what pre-med life is like at Vanderbilt? Here's your chance to find out!

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