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‘Move-In Day’

Dorm Room MVPs

May. 31, 2019—Hi guys!   This was the time of year when I started binge-reading all of the articles about what every student “needs” to bring to college. After a year of living on campus, I have to wonder when the last time the people writing those articles attended college or more specifically lived in a dorm...

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“I was terrified:” The Weeks Before Move-In Day

Jul. 27, 2016—“Guys?” I looked around the patio table outside the frozen yogurt place. My yogurt hadn’t melted yet; the terrible heat of June had left Dallas. It was August, two weeks away from Move-In Day. “What?” Kristin and Alicia looked at me between bites of their cones. “Is this just me… or are y’all scared for college too?” Kristin and Alicia, two of my best friends since fifth grade, looked at each other and then looked at me. “Oh my gosh, Sophie, we’re terrified.” And then all of us started laughing.

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