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I Kinda Like Mondays (Sometimes)

Mar. 23, 2015—There are four more weeks of class left in my first year at Vanderbilt. Wait, what? I guess it shouldn’t have caught me off guard, considering the fact that pretty much every adult I ever meet tells me that college will be the fastest four years of my life. Still, it’s hard to believe that...

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Monday Monday so Good to Me

Dec. 19, 2014—Mondays: you either hate them or you really hate them. Just like gender and sexuality, I don’t believe in such a polarizing angsty Monday-themed binary. For me and “The Mamas and the Papas”, Monday is “so good to me” and “all I hoped it would be”. To redeem Monday’s status, let’s go on a journey chronicling a (Mon)day in the life of one Jose Palmer.

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