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‘merit scholarship’

The Chancellor’s Scholarship Program

Nov. 19, 2017—The following is a guest post by my friend Adam Taylor, a senior at Vanderbilt. Adam is a Chancellor’s Scholar, and today he is sharing his perspectives about applying to and being a part of this signature merit scholarship program!                A few short essays led me to one of...

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All About Merit Scholarships

Dec. 1, 2015—A very last minute plea to y'all to apply for these scholarships. They're totally worth it!!

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The College Scholars Program

Feb. 20, 2015—One of the best things about Vandy is that it offers generous financial aid to its students. While many receive need-based financial aid, some students also receive merit scholarships. There are many kinds of merit scholarships at Vandy that prospective students can apply for, but the most prominent ones are the full-tuition scholarships, namely: The...

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