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My Favorite Classes at Vandy

Dec. 3, 2017—With my third semester winding down and a lot of requirements for AXLE, my major, and premed out of the way, I wanted to share some of my favorite classes I have taken so far. So, without further ado, here they are: American Popular Music: I decided to take this class solely to fulfill the American...

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Class Matters

Nov. 18, 2015—I talk about experience with small seminar classes, and coffee shops with professors!

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School is Cool. Like, Actually.

Dec. 6, 2014—So I just finished my last class of the semester. I am not an emotional person, but I swear to you, the last meetings of some of my classes made me irrationally sad. Maybe I’m really invested in my classes, or maybe I’m just a nerd, but regardless, I just need to take a moment...

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The Community in HOD

Feb. 16, 2014—We all know that Vanderbilt is one of the nation's greatest learning institutions. It's a hub of intellectual development. One reason why I love coming to school here is that in my classes, I not only gain that cognitive fact, but they teach me how to nullify the contradiction between learning and living.

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The Engineering Overlap

Jan. 24, 2012—I'm not sure if I've at all mentioned that I'm a Mechanical Engineering and Math double major. Now, then. The price of these two excellent majors is that every semester feels the same: engineering and math until I've actually forgotten how to speak English coherently (this blog is my only outlet for such language).

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