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Reasons to Return to Vanderbilt

Jan. 3, 2012—After studying abroad, I further fell in love with Poland. I’m not the only one to fall in love with the place, though, as many of my fellow students in my program were also not ready to leave Poland; they were ready to go home and see the people they missed, but not necessarily leave...

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Can you say “Time flies?”

Dec. 23, 2011—Well, the end of my technical semester abroad has arrived. All of my courses are done, I just have to finish up some essays and wait for some questions from one professor to complete my take-home exam. Time truly flies, and it’s amazing how much can happen in such a short time.

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You know the “Vandy Bubble?”

Nov. 4, 2011—Yeah, there’s no “UJ Bubble.” You see, we at Vanderbilt are incredibly fortunate, because in order to find any building, well, you will stay on campus, and there is no city-wandering of the unknown in hopes of finding your class or professor’s office. Well, it’s a different story where I’m at.

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