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‘Jagiellonian University’

A Summer Abroad! (Again?!)

May. 4, 2012—The year is slowly coming to a close, friends are saying good byes for the summer (or if graduating, moving on to the next step of their lives!), and people are soon to begin whatever crazy (or not so crazy) plans they have acquired for the summer. In my case, it’s crazy, because I apparently...

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You know the “Vandy Bubble?”

Nov. 4, 2011—Yeah, there’s no “UJ Bubble.” You see, we at Vanderbilt are incredibly fortunate, because in order to find any building, well, you will stay on campus, and there is no city-wandering of the unknown in hopes of finding your class or professor’s office. Well, it’s a different story where I’m at.

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Historical Excursions in Poland

Oct. 24, 2011—While you are abroad, most programs often ensure you learn about your new country through excursions. This weekend, API took us to two historically important areas near Kraków: Nowa Huta and Auschwitz.

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