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‘interior decorating’

A Very Suite Christmas

Dec. 14, 2013—Even though our suite isn't necessarily our home for the holidays, we decided to dress it up with some wintry cheer to get us through finals. Because I'm all about lists and decorating tips, I thought I'd give you some easy dorm decoration tips for the holiday season. If you're not living in a dorm yet, you can already get started on some advanced brainstorming!

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Dorm Decoration: Part 2

Aug. 10, 2012—I promised a part two, and I’d hate to disappoint. Here are more tips for making your home away from home feel like home (Ann pulls off 3 homes in one sentence a little better than I do…): 1. Customize something plain. Cover a bulletin board in fabric, paint old picture frames, or make a plain...

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Dorm Decorating for Beginners

Aug. 9, 2012—Well readers, since giving excellent advice and tips to first years seems to be a theme of the blog at the moment, I figured I’d throw in my own two cents (and take this opportunity to do another list post!). A few things you should know about me before we begin: 1. I like to...

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