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Class Spotlight: World War II

Oct. 25, 2017—Last summer in London, I took a Vanderbilt Maymester class called The Economics of Warfare. We talked a lot about World War II, and actually got to visit major war sites such as D-Day beaches in Normandy (pictured below) as well as Churchill’s War Rooms in London. After visiting such historic locations and learning about...

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Historical Excursions in Poland

Oct. 24, 2011—While you are abroad, most programs often ensure you learn about your new country through excursions. This weekend, API took us to two historically important areas near Kraków: Nowa Huta and Auschwitz.

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Homework: Go to a Concert

Feb. 23, 2011—I am taking an awesome class this semester! History of Rock Music. Not only is it really fun and interesting but it also counts as part of my Liberal Arts requirements. In class we talk about specific artists ranging from the 1950s to current times including Little Richard, Elvis, Otis Redding, Grateful Dead, Lynard Skynard,...

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