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‘green dots’

EXPOSED: The Gray Area between Consent & Sexual Assault

Feb. 13, 2015—With the recent press of the Vanderbilt rape trial, college campuses are reaching a tipping-point when it comes to education and activism about sexual assault. The latest in these dialogues is EXPOSED: The Gray Area between Consent & Sexual Assault, organized by residents of the College Halls. This is the third in a series of HOT Topics at...

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What’s Your Green Dot?

Sep. 15, 2010—This past Monday, I went to a talk by Dr. Dorothy Edwards concerning the start of the Green Dots Campaign at Vanderbilt. From Vanderbilt’s Women’s Center’s Website: “The Green Dot primary prevention initiative is a new way of thinking about and doing prevention. Green Dot is about culture change – harnessing the power of individual...

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