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‘floor plan’

MY HOUSE!!!!! (And my beautiful floor!)

Nov. 26, 2015—I came to college expecting nice dorms, but not hotel-nice. I didn’t expect the lobby of Hank to be an actual lobby (hence, “Hotel Hank.”) I didn’t expect the marble floors or columns everywhere, or the nice cleaning lady who cleans the bathrooms every single day. I didn’t expect the pristine kitchen, or the nice tile of the dorm rooms. I didn’t expect Commons to be as nice it is. So when I put my stuff down in Stambaugh, I was floored. (I know, I know. You love puns too :) :) :))

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Registering From Abroad, Part 1: Housing

Apr. 24, 2013—When planning to go abroad for this semester, I was worried about lots of things.  What do I pack?  What will the other students be like?  WIll I actually have free time to travel around Europe?  How hard will my classes be?  Am I going to catch my flights?  But I can’t say that I...

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