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‘final project’

A Plug for Biodiversity (and My Major)

Dec. 6, 2013—Dear readers, I have the best major. My introductory/foundational Cognitive Studies class, PSY-PC 1207 Minds, Brains, Contexts, & Cultures, just wrapped up with a final project about effecting social change. In the spirit of my second passion, Communication of Science, I integrated topics from my human biology class (BSci 105) to present the importance of biodiversity...

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Project Opportunity

Mar. 27, 2013—For my Developmental Disabilities class this semester, our final project requires us to participate in a Vanderbilt disability organization, program, service, or clinic on campus for at least four hours, and then share our observations with the class during a final presentation.

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Educational Psychology

May. 9, 2012—For my Educational Psychology class this past semester, we could pretty much do anything that we wanted for our final project.  Our professor suggested that we use our future careers as inspiration, with the only requirements being that it had to have seven to nine sections and it had to be related back to Educational...

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