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Mar. 10, 2017—Attending the 49th Annual CMA Awards last year as a seat filler!

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The CMA’s!

Nov. 2, 2012—Last year after the CMA's I heard from friends that anyone can stand outside the CMA's red carpet and see stars as they walk in. I'm not a huge country fan, but I absolutely love Taylor Swift. I was bummed that I missed out last year, but I was determined to go this year. So Thursday night I headed downtown with my friend Daniel in hopes of seeing Tswift.

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CMA Awards!!

Nov. 11, 2011—Around this time last year, it occurred to me how incredibly close Vanderbilt is to the CMA Awards that take place at Bridgestone Arena in downtown Nashville every year.  I vowed that someday, I would take advantage of that and actually go to the awards, instead of just lusting over the idea for the next...

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