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A Lecture at the Parthenon

Oct. 30, 2013—I recently attended a lecture at the Nashville Parthenon and it has reminded me just how lucky I am to live in a city so dedicated to celebrating history and art. How many people can study for their Greek art history exam by walking in the park?!

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Special Access to the Colosseum

Apr. 2, 2013—Special access to the Colosseum. Lions and tigers and Joaquin Phoenix, oh my!

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A Hike Through Humanities

Jan. 15, 2013—Readers, I am afloat on a sea of weirdness. I am taking a break from “homework” to write this blog, and my confusion stems from the nature of this work. I’m…reading a book. Just reading it. Not taking notes on the equations or reading a chapter in preparation for a problem set, just reading it...

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