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Gettin’ Corporate

Apr. 16, 2015—I'm in love with a minor... Wait, no, Vanderbilt's Corporate Strategy minor, obviously!!!!!

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The Train Wreck that was Corporate Strategy, and How I Survived

Dec. 10, 2013—A lot of my life here at Vanderbilt revolves around group projects, which, day-to-day, looks like 10:45 pm meetings, Google Docs galore, throwing PowerPoints together like nobody's business, team evaluations, and projects that eat up your life. But you really shouldn't fret! I've compiled a guide to getting through group projects without too many scratches. After all, everyone says that business in the real world is just a giant group project. OH YAY.

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Better than a Business Major

Nov. 7, 2013—Are you thinking of majoring in Business? Think again! Because we don't have a business major....

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