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Organizing a big event

Posted by on Monday, May 6, 2019 in College Life, Diversity, Student Leadership, Student Life, Student Organizations, Student Organizations.

I recently took on a new role on the board of an organization on campus. I went from Health & Beauty chair to Public Relations Chair. Therefore, my responsibilities and the amount of emails I receive has increased, especially because we hold our biggest event in the spring. We had to get food catered, book rooms, purchase and set up decorations, collect nominations for awards, book a speaker, purchase giveaways, design posters, advertise, set up tickets to be sold, and so much more. Being on the board of an organization has taught me a lot about teamwork, communication, and ambition. Even though there is a lot to do and many people to communicate with, working together with others helps lessen some of the pressure. But it does provide a great insight into marketing and being a leader. We have to make decisions on when to spend money, how to get attendance up, how much money to save year to year, and what events to have. Taking note of patterns and being strategic in all aspects of planning is important to success.

Our annual event this year was not as big as we had planned for. The weather that day was gloomy and rainy, therefore, people were not excited to dress up and walk across campus. We had a few slip-ups as well, but they all provide opportunities to learn. After all, it’s much better to make mistakes while you are young and have people to advise you. If we would’ve made the same mistakes sometime in the future in our careers, the outcome may not have been as optimistic and comforting. College is the time to learn and branch out to take risks.


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