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If you’ve decided what college you’re attending…

Posted by on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 in Admissions, College Life, Family, General Information, Summer.




A short list:

1. You will have so much fun!
2. Don’t worry about “doing something” this summer – it might be your last free summer ever, especially if you are currently thinking about medical school, graduate school, or you know, getting a job #internships.

Although if do want to do something, labs are always looking for unpaid research assistants. Or you could work and make money to save and/or spend on college.

Though I really can’t underestimate the value of having a free summer to do nothing whenever you want to. But I’m just some random girl on this admissions website so take my opinion with some salt and keep reading.

3. You will have so much fun!
4. If for some reason you are worried about GenChem, you are spending mental space on the unknown vs. the reality of the dwindling remaining hours you have to do absolutely nothing and sleep 14 hours a day and spend quality time with your high school friends/significant other/family. It. Will. Be. GREAT! (Also I would not recommend emailing me and asking “What grade do you think I’ll get?” with no context. Not that context would have helped, because my life has context and I still don’t know the future – and for once in my life, I’m thankful for that).

If you do want to be proactive, you can definitely get an AP Chem book and review it. This goes for AP Bio too. Getting ahead is definitely a different (though sometimes related thing) than getting worried.

5. If your grandparents or older people that you don’t see very often live close to you, try to visit them! Grandparents are different for everyone (still being around, the type of people that they are, their relationship with you, their relationship with your family members), but if you have some kind of relationship with them, try to spend time with them. Loneliness can be very high in elderly people, and calling or just sitting with them, watching TV, can be something. Also, your grandparents might have some really cool/cute/amazing stories! It’s worth asking them details about their lives – they probably will surprise you.
6. Make your life amazing and check out @nathanwyplestrangeplanet. I love that man and I love those comics. Or @tinysneks. TOO AMAZING. And for @nathanwpylestrangeplanet… pigeon Instagram stories on Saturdays!!!
7. You will have so much fun!
8. The general trend is a slow paring down of stuff that you bought freshman year. You’ll probably have a store near you and can buy stuff you don’t have because you only need it a few times. I bought EVERYTHING I was told to from an extensive online list and ended up giving many things away.
9. Check out and change your life.
10. Work on whatever hobby you have. Make origami while watching Netflix. Learn to do that tightrope thing that people are doing now. Find new Instagram comics.
11. Hang out with people you love and spend that quality time. Getting homesick can be a real thing – the memories you have making puzzles, watching Shakespeare at the Park, dancing crazily, swinging at the park, making cakes, playing soccer will stay with you when you’re missing people.
12. Please follow @nathanwpylestrangeplanet. He is amazing and I love him.
13. Email me if you have a question. I love questions.

Congratulations again!

Congratulations again!

And again!



P.S. And if you’re going to Vandy… ANCHOR DOWN.

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