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Springtime Fun

Posted by on Friday, April 5, 2019 in Culture, Diversity, Extracurriculars, Nashville, Nature, Rites of Spring, Student Life, Student Organizations, Student Organizations, Vanderbilt Programming Board.

Pic Creds to my friend Abby for this beautiful picture of the cherry blossom trees on campus (featured photo)

Happy Friday! Springtime is finally here in Nashville. The cherry blossom trees are finally blooming and campus is starting to look gorgeous after a bleak, rainy winter. Even though I’ve been super stressed about all my final projects and assignments, here are a couple super cool events that are coming up this month in celebration of spring that I’m super excited for:

  1. inVUsion– Vanderbilt’s Multicultural Leadership Council (MLC) hosts a cultural festival that brings together different cultures of performances, food, and other social activities. “This year’s theme is Mosaic: bringing all pieces into one unified work, just as the individual students of Vanderbilt comprise the diversity of the University.” Many of the performances include the best highlights from the four cultural showcases and more! This is always a super fun event and I performed in it when I was a freshman, since the LNYF dance buchaechum was chosen to perform.
  2. Holi Celebration– Holi is a traditionally Hindu spring festival, celebrated primarily in India and Nepal. At Vanderbilt, it’s a super fun party of music and lots of color powder on Alumni Lawn.
  3. Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival– This is an annual event held in the downtown Nashville Public Square and is Tennessee’s premiere Japanese cultural festival with music/dance performances, cultural/martial arts demonstrations (fun fact: the Soran Bushi dance from Vanderbilt’s LNYF will be performing!), art, anime merchandise booths, and food! I look forward to this every spring, because it’s a fun event to hang out with friends, try new foods, experience new things, and immerse yourself in the Japanese culture.
  4. Rites of Spring– This is Vanderbilt’s very own music festival on campus for the weekend of April 12-13. Vanderbilt Programming Board organizes this event and it’s a fun concert weekend of multiple artists.

College students can’t study all the time, so it’s important to take a break every once in a while to explore Vanderbilt and Nashville. With the weather finally warming up, there is are so many fun outdoor activities to do downtown, such as trying new local eateries or food trucks. My friends and I love strolling through Hillsboro Village and treating ourselves to Jeni’s ice cream. (Stay tuned for a food recommendations post!!)

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (Btw, congrats to the Class of 2023! Welcome to the Commodore Family!)

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