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Why Vandy?

Posted by on Friday, March 29, 2019 in Academics, Admissions, College Life, College of Arts and Science, General Information.

When I visited Vanderbilt my junior year of high school, I had no idea this was where I would end up. After touring and learning about many other universities, by senior year of high school I was set on coming to Vandy. Here are some reasons that I knew either from the get go or that I realized now!

  • Medicine, Health, and Society major: From the first time I learned about this major when visiting campus, and reading more about it online when I got home, I knew that I wanted to have this specific track of study. By senior year of high school I had decided to try the pre med track, and when I learned about MHS I knew it was the perfect major for me. Most importantly, the majors different concentrations and wide umbrella over many disciplines allow us to take classes from a variety of departments and schools of thought, as well as having most of the pre med requirements count as elective credit.


  • Work hard, play hard: I wanted to go to a college where students were serious about their academics, but also enjoyed participating in extracurriculars and social events. Touring campus and seeing all the posters and students advertising extracurricular events, I could tell they were passionate about things in and out of the classroom. Being here, I’ve definitely enjoyed the academic rigor while also having a good balance between studying and enjoying life with friends. On a related note, Greek life is definitely an option, but is one of the many avenues for social events, and is not as separate from the rest of the student body as on other campuses.
  • Engaged student body: I’ve definitely seen the students become more engaged outside of class throughout my three years here so far. For example, this year the VSG (Vanderbilt Student Government) presidential elections had far more turnout than even last year. Additionally, students are active in voicing their concerns and are encouraged to interact with administrators who really do value our opinions.


  • Diversity: Though we may not be as diverse as some other top schools, we are certainly getting there. Diversity here doesn’t have to mean just in terms of ethnicity but also in religious beliefs, political beliefs, geography, thought, and culture in general. There have been increasing initiatives for diversity and inclusion, and I can say with confidence that Vandy is now much more diverse and inclusive than it was 10 years ago.


  • Intellectual curiosity, research, and innovation: Every student here is passionate about something, which they either know coming in or discover during their time at Vandy. AXLE, though it can be tedious, is a great way to explore different subject areas outside of your major, which helps us become more well-rounded. Having truly passionate professors also enhance the learning experience and encourage even more intellectual pursuits. Also, the university focuses a lot on being a leader in cutting edge research, which means there are a plethora of research opportunities for undergrads!


  • Sustainability: FutureVU is the administration’s long term goal plan of how they want to develop the campus throughout the next decades, part of which is environmental sustainability. With SustainVU, campus has already been making moves to reduce waste and bring more environmental awareness, such as by composting in dining halls and encouraging more recycling. These are small steps, but they mean we are getting closer to more sustainability actions! Also, an exciting student-led campaign is going on now to raise campus wide support for Vandy administration to seriously consider powering campus with 100% renewable energy!

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