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Spring break on the horizon // rain pls stop thx

Posted by on Sunday, February 24, 2019 in Academics, College of Arts and Science, Spring Break.

We are officially one week away from Spring Break, marking the halfway point of the semester! Most, if not all, students seem quite ready for this break, especially since teachers seem to pile on assignments and tests for this time of the semester. It will definitely be nice to have a break from regular academics, but for me, I will not be able to have a complete break because I will be working on medical school application materials during the week! The time for my committee letter review meeting, conducted by the Health Professions Advisory Office, in order to ensure we have the best application possible before submitting for real in the summer, is fast approaching. Essentially, I will need to have my whole application ready to go in April, even though the real application period begins in the summer. It is a bit stressful to have to do it early, especially when I have to worry about my regular classes and studying for the MCAT, but I am also glad Vandy has such great resources and advising when it comes to med school apps and this way it forces me to not procrastinate! It will also ensure my actual application is in great shape.

Besides academics, it will be nice to go home, to Shreveport, LA, for the weather. It has been almost continuously rainy and cold here in Nashville, and I just want it be warm and sunny already! Hopefully Shreveport’s weather will provide a nice contrast to the gloomy weather we’ve had here. I’m also excited to spend some time with my parents and dog — home cooked meals and family time are always fun. As an added bonus, the day I fly home happens to be my parents’ anniversary and the weekend of Mardi Gras! It might not be as exciting as going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Shreveport usually has fun parades, albeit more tame than NOLA. Mainly, it’s about having friends with you and some good king cake!

My spring break plans are pretty chill, but a lot of Vandy students tend to do more fun things like Alternative Spring Break or other service-oriented trips! You can read more about them here!



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