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Happy Holidays! Email me! Happy Holidays again!

Posted by on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 in Academics, Blair School of Music, College Life, Early Decision, Freshman Life, Pre-Med, Pre-Med, Travel.

Dear All the Lovely Readers,

Hello! My name is Sophie Druffner, I’m a senior premed math major, and hey, I’m BACK!

I’ll be sitting on a couch near my Christmas tree & fireplace for about 85% of this Christmas, so if you have questions, send ’em!

I love answering questions, I love editing essays (I had some super fun experiences editing essays for a few students this year who contacted me over Inside Dores), and I’d love to help you know lots about Vandy.

Things I know more about than others (no particular order):

– How amazing the vegetarian restaurant Grins is on campus
– Math
– The Catholic and non-Catholic Christian communities on campus
– Premed
– Research (lots & lots)
– Violin
– Traveling on your own
– Spontaneous adventures

Even if whatever you want to ask me about isn’t on that list, still email me! Especially if that something is international students – I’m really fortunate to have friends from all over the world, and they’d love to get in contact with you! If I don’t know, I can definitely find someone who does. #connections., woohoo.

Much love,