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Vanderbilt and the SEC

Posted by on Thursday, October 11, 2018 in Athletics, College Life, Football, Freshman Life, General Information, Nashville, Student Life, Student Organizations.

Recently, I was speaking with a friend about why she chose to attend Vanderbilt. She gave an answer that I really hadn’t thought of before- she liked the sports scene that Vandy had to offer. While I was initially confused about this statement (especially as I’m not the most athletic or sports-oriented person), reflecting on Vanderbilt’s sports program made me realize that it is a great embodiment of the school’s attitude and sense of community. And while it maybe wasn’t on my radar as I was applying to schools, I encourage you to consider the sports scene at Vanderbilt, and other schools of interest, as you begin the application process.


There are a lot of schools that rival Vanderbilt academically. However, as I was choosing a college, I wanted a place where I would be encouraged to strive for a healthy work-life balance and be able to enjoy student life while still getting a great education. What separates Vanderbilt from other comparable academic institutions (apart from curricular initiatives) is, in large part, its status as an SEC school. We regularly have football and basketball games, and people actually go to them, support their friends and peers, and enjoy a welcome respite from work. While academics are obviously the first priority, sports at a school can clue you in to the sort of community at that institution- whether people are high-spirited and proud of their school, what the work-life balance is like, and what sort of opportunities for recreation the school provides.


Even if you’re not planning on attending a million sporting events, it’s a good idea to look at things like sports, because the aspect of community they embody can tell you a lot about an institution. Vanderbilt encourages students to go to sporting events, makes an effort to really integrate student athletes with the rest of the community, and values its sports program without letting other aspects of student life or academics slip. Our sports program is one of the things that makes me proud to be a Vanderbilt student, but Vanderbilt’s attitude of community is one that can be found everywhere.


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