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May, 2018

Summer Update

May. 29, 2018—It has been nearly a month since finals ended, and I barely know what day it is, which means summer is officially in session. What, you ask, does a Vanderbilt student do over the summer? Many things! Some common activities include, but are not limited to, the following: Internships (paid or unpaid) Research Jobs Study...

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Registering for Classes: What you need to know

May. 28, 2018—If you’re anything like I was the summer before my first year, you’re probably super excited to choose your classes for your first semester in college! [Insert wholesome words of encouragement and “the world is your oyster” like phrases here]. Now onto the good stuff! First, I would recommend getting comfortable with YES (Your Enrollment...

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A Letter to Freshman Year Me

May. 13, 2018—Dear Freshman Ashli, At this point, you are about to graduate high school and spend your entire summer wondering about all the mysteries of college. Knowing myself, you are also questioning what your life at Vanderbilt will be like for the next four years. As a now rising college junior, I have learned numerous life...

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Three Continents in Three Months

May. 5, 2018—Sophie's no longer in Nashville! AND she's not doing research nor organic chemistry this summer! WOW!

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