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My Escapes (The 7th Thing I learned Sophomore Year)

Posted by on Monday, December 18, 2017 in General Information.

**Check out The 4 Things I learned Junior Year, and its companion, The 11 Things I learned Sophomore Year! Obviously, I’m just much wiser this year.**

1. Bread from Pi and Leaf. SO, so good to sink your teeth into
2. Chatting with Suzette and Barbara, two amazing women who work at Rand Dining Hall
3. Sticky chocolate cake and bubbles
4. Baking without a deadline
5. Dancing with friends who are like family to silly music, loud music, whatever
6. Probably “dancing,” actually definitely “dancing”
7. Either the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack or Hamilton
8. Blowing bubbles when it’s windy
9. Soccer at Centennial Park
10. Exploring a pond
11. Leaf-hunting aka hunting for leaves
12. Taking pictures of pretty trees
13. The Frist! I LOVE ART MUSEUMS.
14. Shopping for plants at Home Depot (the nursery section, my favorite)
15. Thrift-shopping at Southern Thrift
16. Adoration on Wednesdays at University Catholic’s Frassati House
17. Just Dance with Afi and Nadia
18. Playing violin at Alive Hospice/Nursing Home/Just for people in general
19. Watching a coffeehouse
20. Cooking classes
21. Talking with new people
22. Commons breakfasts that take hours
23. Talking with some of my closest friends at Vanderbilt
24. Thinking about a new idea
25. Running across Highland Quad at midnight
26. Daily Mass
27. Riding my bike down the hill past the VA to Highland Quad
28. Giving a talk (I LOVE public speaking)
29. Thinking about possible experiments I could do
30. Writing stories
31. Praying the rosary as I walk to class
32. Decaf Lattes at Local Java
33. Cooking meals with ingredients from Kroger because who has money for every weekend at a different Nashville Restaurant
34. The Pedestrian Bridge
35. Free Tickets to the Nashville Symphony
36. Walking down Broadway & listening to the music
37. Long conversations in Carolyn’s suite in Towers with Luwi, Jen, and Will
38. SyBBURE Thursday lunch meetings
39. Different craft fairs held at Centennial Park
40. Window-shopping on 12 South
41. The Nashville Public Library
42. This is now outdated because BookMan/BookWoman is gone now… but old-book shopping on Hillsboro
43. Taking walks in the neighborhoods behind Blair
44. Wandering through Hillsboro shops, especially the plant one!
45. Making breakfast at Frassati House early on Saturday mornings, and then eating on the back porch in the cool air (mmm…)
46. Any type of hiking anywhere because TREES ARE THE BEST
47. Traveling anywhere! Through Vanderbilt and opportunities associated with Vanderbilt, I’ve visited 8 new US cities since freshman year!



P.S. Email me if you have any questions, as always!