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Such pretty! Wow foliage!

Posted by on Saturday, November 4, 2017 in College Life, Student Life, Studying, Weather.

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous scapes of land! All on this lovely campus:

I literally stopped while riding my bike so I could capture this gorgeous scenery. Fall really is quite beautiful on campus!

The weather this weekend is a bit strange. It was colder during the week, especially mornings and evenings. But starting yesterday it has been warm, probably 70s. This balmy weather comes with a caveat, though: a storm which might pass through later tonight.Until it does, however, I will take advantage of not having to wear a jacket for as long as I can. My philosophy is “why be inside when you can be outside?” Even if it’s for something kinda lame like doing organic chem practice problems in preparation for my test next week.

My current setup outside of Rand. It’s a productive spot for me because I feel like I should at least appear to be working on something as the tour groups walk by. Also it’s legit so pretty!

How vibrant are those leaves, though?

Honestly, come to Vandy for the views, stay for everything else.

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