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Last Undergraduate Classes!

Posted by on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 in Academics, College of Arts and Science, Economics, Studying.

There’s nothing like registering for your last undergraduate classes to make you feel ancient! However, registering for classes as a senior means getting all the classes you want, even some of the most popular Econ classes! I’m done with AXLE requirements and my Corporate Strategy minor, so I just need to take 15 hours to finish my major in Economics, minor in Financial Economics, and graduate with at least 120 hours.

1. Economics of Health (ECON 3350): This class is kind of like the upper-level version of one of my earlier Econ classes, Health Care Policy. I suspect that it’s going to be more theoretical, but I hope to leverage my prior healthcare knowledge to understand concepts better. Healthcare is such a convoluted and relevant topic to study, especially in today’s political discourse. So I’m really excited to dive deeper into understanding the economic concepts of healthcare and how they work in the real world.

2. Public Finance (ECON 3200): I love macroeconomics much more than microeconomics, so this seemed like the perfect class to take. The news is filled with stories of potential tax reforms and other fiscal policies that might be implemented soon, so I want to learn more about how economic concepts actually work (or not work!) in real life. I’ve been taking so many business-y finance classes for my Financial Economics minor, so it’ll be interesting to look at finance from a macroeconomic perspective instead.

3. Latin American Development (ECON 2220): I chose this class because a) I don’t know anything about Latin American economies, b) it’s supposed to be an Easy A, and c) it’ll give me a better economic understanding of emerging markets, especially because India, my home country, is one of the biggest emerging markets in the world.

4. Corporate Valuation (FNEC 3710): This class will help me learn the tools to value companies, and for our semester project, we will actually be valuing a real company! I’ve heard that this class is supposed to be hard, but I’m learning so many useful skills from my Financial Economics minor so I don’t mind putting in a little more work and getting over senioritis.

5. German Fairy Tales: From Brothers Grimm to Walt Disney (GER 2444): I’m taking this class just for fun! I’m a huge Disney fan, so it’ll be interesting to analyze how fairy tales have evolved over the years, how they impact society in multiple ways, and how Disney has commercialized them. I also have my best friend, Sydney, in the class with me!

My degree audit is finally all green!



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