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Sophomore Year: some pre-thoughts

Posted by on Sunday, August 13, 2017 in College Life, General Information, Student Life.

Preparing to return to campus this fall as a sophomore is kind of a different feeling from how it was last year, as a freshman. This time, I’m flying to Nashville on my own and moving myself in without the help of my parents. Unlike last year’s random roommates, I know exactly who I’ll be living with this year. In short, a lot of things that were so mysterious to me last summer are more familiar this time around. Strange to think I’m already a quarter of the way done with college!

^ Hope that isn’t accurate! lol

Have you ever wondered what the word “sophomore” actually means? In America it usually refers to the second year of a four year program like high school or college. But why sophomore? Freshman makes sense: you’re new in the place, so you’re fresh. Senior is self-explanatory. Junior is like the junior to the senior I guess. But what on earth is a sophomore? According to my favorite high school teacher, Mr. Wells, it means “wise fool.”

Wise fool ?  or  Wise fool ?

Wherever you place the emphasis, when you think about it, it works. See, you have a year of experience on your belt so you’re wiser than a freshman. But you still have yet to learn all that a junior knows, which makes you a fool. I surely hope I’m more wise than fool this year, but let’s not get over our heads here.

My goals as a wise fool for this year :
  • Study smarter / better time management and prioritizing
  • Take advantage of professor or TA office hours more often
  • Call parents at least once a week
  • Explore Nashville more
  • Go to more campus events
  • Actually use the kitchen in my Lewis suite
  • Make magnificent memories!

Also, if you have questions about anything, please reach out to me! Find me on campus or email me!

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