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Posted by on Sunday, April 9, 2017 in Academics, Admissions, Engineering, Student Life, Vanderbilt Internships.

I’m terrified of ceilings.

It’s an odd sentiment, right? People are afraid of heights, but ceilings protect them. Ceilings equate to security; they place a limit on what one can experience, potentially shielding one from the unknown.

I chose Vanderbilt for a few main reasons. The highlight was the incredible financial aid package the University was able to offer me. Beyond that, the prestigious name coupled with a visit during my high school senior spring that turned fear of the unknown into an unparalleled excitement for what lie ahead resulted in my matriculation to Vanderbilt.

Despite my excitement, my first semester here was far from smooth. Growing pains, the adjustment to college, and various other factors made me question my decision every day as I felt one of the ceilings I despise so much hovering above me.

Should I have chosen the University of X? What are my options to transfer?

Despite those insecurities, I figured I should make the most of my time here – especially if I was considering transferring elsewhere. I joined organizations, made friends, studied interesting topics, and checked my calendar one day only to realize transfer application deadlines at other schools had passed.

I chose Vanderbilt for a few reasons, but I found myself too enamored with Vanderbilt to transfer for entirely different ones. I stayed at Vanderbilt because I’ve grown far more than I can imagine having done so anywhere else, developed myself as an intellectual, professional, and human being, found communities worth giving back to, and fallen in love with my field of study.

Regarding growth, I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. At an institution like Vanderbilt University, my potential feels limitless, and I wake up every morning looking forward to accomplishing bigger and better things than I did the day before.

I’m grateful to have landed a summer research position after my freshman year, held meaningful leadership positions in on-campus organizations, been offered an internship at a company I love for this summer, and accomplished other things I couldn’t have imagined doing in high school – and I’m excited to spend the next two years pursuing incredible opportunities here.

Like I said, I’m absolutely terrified of ceilings. They limit what we can experience, so I welcome the unknown with an open embrace; that’s why I love Vanderbilt. Here at Vanderbilt University, I firmly believe the only way is up – and I don’t see any ceilings stopping me.

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