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MCAT studying… YIKES.

Posted by on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 in Academics, College Life, General Information, Pre-Med, Studying.

As a second semester senior who is graduating this May, this semester was supposed to be my most fun and most memorable yet.  Sadly, I can already conclude that this barely half over semester will be anything but.  The reason is because I am planning to apply to medical school this upcoming cycle in June, so I have been finding myself in the library more than I ever have before.  My date with the devil (the excruciatingly painful medical college admissions test) is June 1st, so this semester has been all about hitting the books and reviewing all of the science concepts that I need to know.

Thankfully, I am not suffering through this experience alone, because I am currently taking a Kaplan prep class with one of my suitemates and many other Vanderbilt students.  This class provides 7 review books (chemistry, biochemistry, math/physics, biology, psychology/sociology, organic chemistry, and critical reading), live instruction with a 90th percentile-scoring teacher, and an online data base full of videos and questions.  I would definitely recommend taking one of these classes if possible, especially because the class is right on campus and I would not even know where or how to start studying without it.

Studying at the library. YIKES.

Even though I spend most of my time trying to improve my MCAT score, there have been some days where I take breaks to de-stress a little.  Some of my highlights this semester thus far include a trip to Dave & Busters, which is located about 15 minutes away at the Opry Mills mall, and seeing Ariana Grande in concert at Bridgestone Arena!

Dave & Busters is an arcade for adults!
Little Mix opened up for Ariana Grande! They are not as big here as they are overseas, but they killed it.
Ariana Grande was a little boring in the beginning but finished off strong with her most popular songs at the end.  She definitely has a lot of talent.


All in all, things are bad but could be much worse!  Wish me luck on my studies,

-Jeff Yung

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