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Posted by on Sunday, February 19, 2017 in Blair School of Music, Diversity, Football, Student Life.

When people ask me what I think sets the Vanderbilt student body apart, there are a lot of qualities I think of. First, I think of the fact that students will be in the library early on a Saturday morning and then just a few hours later are tailgating to get ready for a football game. But the work hard/play hard mentality is not the most unique aspect of the student body, I don’t think. I always say that it is our passion.

Every student here is passionate about something and it is likely to be something totally different than the passion of the student next to him/her. I knew someone for three months my freshman year because I knew he was a violin major at Blair. I just found out that a girl in my education classes has danced ballet for 10 years and loves it. Everyone here has that passion for life, for Vanderbilt, and for something that sets him/her apart. This brings us diversity and it brings us a vibrant campus life full of people doing what they love and sharing what they love with others!

When I think about what sets the Vanderbilt student body apart, I think about passion.

Me getting to share one of my passions with campus!

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