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Keeping it classical

Posted by on Saturday, April 9, 2016 in Blair School of Music, Culture, Music, Nashville.

Nashville is popularly known as the Music City, but sometimes I feel that the focus is only on country music. While country music does define a major part of Nashville’s musical heritage, other genres of music are also integral in making Nashville a city for music lovers.

I love classical music and am always looking for reasons to hang around at Ingram Hall at the Blair School of Music to experience the talent of my friends and classmates, I hadn’t seen any of the performances of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra (NSO) at the Schermerhorn. My roommate, Sydney, is a part of the Commodore Orchestra, and they were planning to go for one of the performances by NSO, so I decided to tag along.

Customary selfie with Sydney!

NSO is very prolific group, with different series such as classical, pop, and jazz. I attended their classical series’ performances of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade, Haydn’s First Symphony, and Mozart’s Piano Concert No. 15. I hadn’t listened to these pieces before, so I was very excited to hear them being performed live. As we took our seats, Sydney pointed out that her cello professor was also playing in Scheherazade!

The night I pretended to be a part of Commodore Orchestra! Credit: Sharon Si

The concert hall was nearly full, and I saw many Vanderbilt students sitting in the audience. I had a lot of fun listening to the amazing performances by distinguished members of the classical music world, many of whom have played internationally as well. While I did learn western classical piano in middle and high school, I have neglected the piano since coming to Vanderbilt, something I regret. But seeing the inspiring Ms. Anne-Marie McDermott playing Mozart so passionately last night has motivated me to practice my favorite pieces over this summer, and maybe pick up new ones as well!

It was a refreshing change to take a break from midterms, quizzes, and labs to experience Nashville’s enriching music scene. I cannot wait to go to the Schermerhorn for many more performances!

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