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Snow Day 5.0

Posted by on Friday, January 22, 2016 in College Life, Nashville, Nature, Weather.

When I woke up today for my 8 a.m. Econ class, it was just a normal day, filled with classes, homework, and heading over to Last Drop to grab my morning coffee and print an accounting homework. Half asleep and still in pajamas, I looked outside the window of my room in Branscomb, expecting to see ~some~ snow outside, but much to my surprise, the campus had transformed into a mini Narnia!

It was clear that this level of snow and ice was a little bit too high for southerners to deal with, so I checked my email, and sure enough, there was one from the Dean of Students informing us that classes across Vandyland had been cancelled. A snow day is not new for me, because we had two of them last year. So I’ve had a total of three snow days since I’ve been here. But did you know that Vanderbilt has only had five snow days in its history since 1873? That means I’ve experienced 60% of the snow days in our university’s history!

The iconic Kirkland is still picture perfect.

As for what’s happening across campus today, we don’t have any classes, and have another long weekend to enjoy! I had a few extra hours of sleep, but I’ll head outside with my roommate in a bit to see the campus in all its frozen glory, and take a few pictures. A few dining locations are closed, but the major ones are up and running. A shout out to the administration and dining staff who made it to campus for us!

A few brave souls.

I know weather plays a major role in deciding where to go to college, and Nashville prides itself in having moderate winters, and all four seasons spread out evenly. Today’s snow might be a lot for the South, but it’s still beautiful (and occasional) enough to be appreciated and Instagrammed.

Poor Cornelius Vanderbilt! He doesn’t look too happy.

Wyatt has become Elsa’s playground.

Picture credits: Vanderbilt University Facebook page.

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