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The Weird, Short Few Weeks Between Thanksgiving and Winter Break

Posted by on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 in Academics, College Life, Family, Finals, Greek Life, Music, Nashville, Service, Student Life, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break.

Well, here we are again. I remember this time so vividly from last year. We’re lucky enough to get a whole week off for Thanksgiving, so we are rested and ready to go as soon as we get back to campus! We’re unlucky enough to head almost straight into finals. And then, we’re on break again! Just like that! I can’t think of any other way for them to do it, being that finals before Thanksgiving would cut classes too short. However, I do have to say that the fast 3 weeks or so (in my case a brief 19 days) is weird. Just as we get settled back in, we leave again. But even in the campus chaos that is the time between breaks, I can’t help but be thankful (maybe it’s the contagious holiday spirit, or maybe it’s the fact that Vanderbilt is just literally my favorite place on Earth).

Me being super thankful for Vandy right before Thanksgiving break!

Over Thanksgiving break, I had a birthday! I turned 20. That was exciting! It was so wonderful to be with family, but at the same time, I was already excited to get back to school and celebrate here with friends! I’ve received the most thoughtful presents, cards, and messages. I’ve gone out to Fido for cake and already have plans to have people over later this week for cupcakes (my roommate’s birthday and another close friend’s birthday were a few days after mine-big celebrations are in order!) For winter break, I have plans to travel someplace warm with my family, and I can’t wait! But…I can wait. In fact, I’m hoping these weeks go by slowly (except for finals-those can end immediately).

What I have going on in the next week or so:

Wednesday: CMT Artist of the Year Concert (I got cast as a “seat filler” AHH Nashville is so cool and I can’t believe I get to do things like this)

Sorry this is so blurry-I was so excited!

Thursday: Birthday cupcakes and celebration

Friday: The Susan Gray Holidays Around the World Party (the preschool that I volunteer at and am co-president of the organization pairing Vandy students with preschool students)

Later Friday: The Mega Stress Fest at the Student Life Center (free massages, manicures food, puppies, and other stress relievers to help us all get through finals! Thanks Vandy!)

Saturday: Holiday Halos [an event where everyone in my sorority “adopts” a student from TAP (an after-school programming many of us are involved in) in order to buy them each a fun gift/toy and a book. The students are coming to the house and we’re surprising them with the gifts and cookie decorating and holiday music and movies! It’s going to be magical.]

Next Friday: Angel Tree Holiday Party (another Vanderbilt-run philanthropy event where you can adopt a child to donate a present and article of clothing! I did this last year and being able to go to the event and watch them open it is so touching and beautiful and exactly what holiday spirit is about, seriously).

At the Angel Tree party last year! The boy on the left begged me to take the picture!

The Friday after that, I fly home. I hope I don’t blink and suddenly it’s time! Because that means I’m a second semester sophomore. And it scares me to think I only have 5 semesters left here as an undergrad…and only 2 semesters left of tailgating. Please don’t remind me!

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