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Happy Tears on a Sad Day

Posted by on Monday, December 14, 2015 in Admissions, College Life, Early Decision, Student Life.

In the wake of early decision acceptances coming out I’ve been thinking back to the day that I got in to Vandy.

Three years ago today I found out that I would be spending the next four years of my life at Vanderbilt University. My life seemed like it was just beginning – Vandy was my dream school and I could not have been more excited!

But tears of happiness turned to tears of sorrow and confusion and anger because, three years ago today, 26 lives were also ended, a mere 20 minutes away from my hometown in Newtown, Connecticut.

How could my life be filled with such happiness when such tragedy happened so close to home? It was astonishing that life goes on when it seemed like it should come to a grinding halt. Our happiness was marred by the sadness in Newtown. Me and my family sat at a melancholy celebration dinner, wondering how we could bring ourselves to celebrate this day.

But December 14th will always be a day of remembrance for me. Getting in to Vanderbilt didn’t seem like an accomplishment so much as a lesson, a reminder to always be grateful for what you have, and to consider the fleeting nature of life.

That day has put into perspective my entire college career. It is because of that day that I relish every moment of my time at Vanderbilt.

Congratulations to everyone who accepted – be grateful for all that you have and all that you will experience.