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ED1: You’re in, but now what?

Posted by on Friday, December 11, 2015 in Admissions, College Life, Early Decision, General Information.

Congrats to ED1 for being the newest members of Vanderbilt c/o 2020!!! I remember the sheer shock I felt when I got in RD last year, but right after I was like “Wow, I’ve accomplished the one thing I’ve been working towards for years. Now what?”

Honestly, I could tell you what I think you should do, but here’s a better option: I’ve decided to compile words of advice from the greatest philosopher and existentialist of our time – DJ Khaled. Okay, I know some of y’all may be sick and tired of this meme, but my friend Riley (North House’s super cool PR chair – follow @VandyNorth) and I had a great time coming up with these!

1. Stay calm. This is real life. You really will be at your dream school in a few months. I know, it’s surreal.

2. Give yourself some major props because YOU. DID. IT. You made it through the roughest parts of high school and it’s straight coasting from here on.

3. Senioritis will be real, but follow DJ Khaled’s advice and you’ll be on the journey to more success.

4. Get a plant you’re passionate about now, so you can take it with you to college. As you take care of the plant, you will learn to take more care of yourself. #BlessUp

5. And always remember that it’s up to you to make sure you actually get here (just open the door).

Anyway, if you actually read through this pretty ridiculous post: thank you haha. I’m so excited for all of you, and I know that you will absolutely LOVE Vandy. If you need any actual, specific advice about Vanderbilt, don’t hesitate to send me an email!

Happy Holidays,


BONUS: DJ Khaled to me after I fail my finals because I wasted so much time looking at pictures of his face.

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