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Posted by on Monday, February 16, 2015 in Academics, College Life, General Information, Housing, Jobs, Nashville, Student Life.

Vanderbilt has declared today a SNOW DAY!!!!!

I could not be more excited if I tried to be! Given, it’s freezing cold outside, and icy, and treacherous, but forget all that because today is a snow day!

There aren’t too many things I miss about high school, but having snow days are definitely one of them. The feeling when you wake up and drag out of bed just to realize you can drag right back in bed is one of the finest moments in the world. Completely unparalleled!

However, that was not how I discovered my snow day. On Monday mornings, at 7am (I am a morning person, indeed), I work at the front desk at Sarratt. It is an absolutely wonderful job, as I get to work with people all day long (I really love people, okay).

This morning, however, trudging out of bed at 6am and then trekking to work in the snow was a pretty difficult feat to accomplish. Of course, no one else seemed to be awake, and I was walking around on Vanderbilt’s campus covered in a light snow dust, so it was completely beautiful and breathtaking, but it is a little hard to think of words like “beautiful” or “breathtaking” that early in the morning.

I was the first to arrive to work, and everything was quiet and still (if you ever come to Rand at 3am in the morning to finish a paper, you’ll know this feeling), and it was such a peaceful cold morning. I was taken aback. For a second, I even thought it would be okay if I had to go to class in the snow.

However, my song quickly changed as I was informed that all undergraduate classes were cancelled for today. I did a lot of jumping, some celebrating, and a snow dance may have also went down. Snow days are a rarity for any college student, so this was the special kind of moment that you know you just have to celebrate.

So here I am, finally off work, ready to get my snow day started! If anyone has any suggestions (I don’t think it’s quite sledding weather) on what to do today, please feel free to let me know! Either way, it’s going to be a great day!

Happy Octavia!

Look! A little snow! -Photo by my bff Will Harrington

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