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Schoolsick Already

Posted by on Thursday, December 18, 2014 in General Information.

I love being home. I get to cook full meals in a kitchen I share with only my family, not my entire dorm. I shower without feeling obligated to wear flip flops. I stay in pajamas for 85% of each day. I get to spend all my time with my family and old friends from high school. It’s amazing! However, despite all these pros, I still find myself schoolsick.

For those unfamiliar with the term, schoolsick is just like homesick, but, uhm, for school. I miss Vanderbilt! I miss waking up every morning in my comfy dorm room. I miss slumbering to Rand for coffee. I miss my professors, my organizations, I even miss my job. I love being home, but I still miss being at school.

Missing McGill, my dorm/living learning community

This concept probably seems really bizarre to anyone still in high school. I remember desperately counting down the days until I could stop going to classes, but, in college, I honestly miss being in class, and I’m not alone! Many of my fellow Vandy kids feel the same way! There’s something really magical about being on Vanderbilt’s campus that you don’t realize until you’re away from it.

With all that being said, I am already getting excited for next semester. I am taking 18 hours (geeze!), and I couldn’t be anymore excited for my classes. I am taking three English classes (The Bible in Literature, Southern Lit, & 17th Century Lit), a couple Managerial Studies classes (Marketing & Financial Accounting), and a class I’ve always wanted to take, but never thought I’d have time, Acting I. It is certainly going to be a fun and busy semester!

My symmetrical/busy upcoming semester!

Even as I sit around the fire admiring all the wonders of being home, I still long for my home away from home: Vanderbilt. Even as I enjoy waking up each morning in a queen sized bed and not a twin sized one, I still count down the days until the spring semester, and I think that says there is something really special about that.