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My Fourth Semester Bucket List

Posted by on Friday, December 19, 2014 in College Life, Food, General Information, Music, Nashville, Student Life.

It’s too easy to get stuck in a routine now that I’m used to Nashville and Vandy, so here is my brainstorm list of things I DEFINITELY WILL DO before I fly home the first few days of May. I’ll check in with y’all as I do them for accountability. Help me out. Make me stick to it please.

  1. See a show at the Ryman. I know, typical Nashville, but I NEED TO DO THIS. I’m hoping to go to the Sing Off tour at the Ryman in March because the Melodores are performing too since they just won!
  2. Go to brunch at the Tavern—I’ve heard fabulous things about this restaurant, and I need to make it happen.
  3. Get coffee at the Frothy Monkey and at Barista Parlor. Again, sorry for the food thing, but I am a coffee person, and I’ve heard too many good things not to go to these two places.
  4. Go to a Predators game. I love hockey, and I can’t believe I haven’t made it to a game since Bridgestone is maybe 15 minutes from campus when there’s a game. They do college nights for Nashville students, and I should definitely take advantage of these.
  5. Go to Trivia Night at the Pub. Vanderbilt Student Government recently implemented these, and I didn’t go last semester so it’s on the list now.
  6. Vandy baseball games and basketball games. Anchor Down. Go Dores.
  7. Figure out what I will be doing all summer. This is more necessity than fun thing to do, but as long as I’ve enlisted y’all’s help keeping me on track, might as well use it right?!
  8. Show my mom and little sister around Vandy. My sister’s never been before, and my mom hasn’t been since she moved me in freshman year. So I have a lot to show them, and I cannot wait. Hit me up in the comments with suggestions or for suggestions. (I know that sounds weird, but if you’re from around here or something, help me out if you have any atypical suggestions and if not, I know it pretty well and do have some good suggestions on hand.)
  9. Visit Franklin, TN. Some of my AOII sorority sisters and I did the Jingle Bell 5k for the Arthritis Foundation in Franklin before break, and it was SUCH a cute town. I want to go back and actually wander sometime this spring.
  10. Go to the Bluebird Café for dinner with friends. I’ve heard it’s good, and it’s definitely a Nashville need-to-do thing.

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