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Goodbye, Girlmore Girls

Posted by on Monday, December 8, 2014 in Academics, Culture, Exams, Student Life.

Sharpen your pencils and add an extra shot of espresso because finals are upon us, friends.

‘Tis the time of year that we humble students of Vanderbilt tend to hide in our respective study spots and get down to work.

However, I have a problem.

As many of you may know, all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls has recently become available for your viewing pleasures on Netflix. This is a serious problem for someone born and raised on the Gilmore Girls lifestyle (i.e. me).

Coming from a home with a single mother, I have often related to the Lorelai-Rory relationship, and I know all of the charms of the small town life. It is no surprise then that I would be madly addicted to the Gilmore Girls.

However, I could not have chosen a worse time to rekindle my addiction! It is finals week, and yet I spend my nights cozied up to the Stars Hollow gang. I am not alone in this epidemic, however. Many of my friends find themselves fleeing to Netflix this time of year in order to put off, for just one more day, finishing that final essay or studying for that exam.

It is the plague of the college student to do tomorrow what can be done today (in the name of Netflix), but I am putting an end to it today! Yes, that’s right! Proactive Heather to the rescue! I just installed a Google Chrome app called Block Site that will keep me away from Netflix for the next few days. That way, I can finish my 30 page screenplay that’s due on Friday, and I can finally get crackin’ on studying for my geology final.

I am very proud of my newfound productivity, and I highly recommend using site blockers throughout finals week!

Meanwhile, the Gilmore Girls will wait for me until I am on winter break and able to dedicate the kind of time that will get me through all seven seasons…

Happy finals week to all!

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