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A Real-ly Simple Summer

Posted by on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 in Internship, Jobs, Summer.

The last time I checked in, I was moping around Hinsdale pining for school a measly thirty hours after I arrived back home, but those days have come and finally gone! Last weekend I made moves across the country (no, really, I moved) to the one and only NEW YORK CITY!

Just a casual jog in the park...

Now, obsessing over any city that’s not your own (or Nashville) is something I generally consider to be weird, but if anywhere could make me break my own rule it’s NYC. Since I’ve been here (a grand total of four days), I’ve decided that there’s absolutely nowhere else I would rather be, and because the Internet is written in ink (or so every parent/teacher/college counselor I’ve ever met has seemed to love to say), I guess I’m making this declaration public!

Contrary to my previously expressed interests, I didn’t just move here to eat and explore (though my three-page New York City bucket list might say otherwise) — I’m actually here to work! For the next two months I get to ride the subway right into the Time & Life Building, pass the sleek turnstyles with my very official ID and head up to the glass-paneled ninth floor that houses the same publication I was cutting pictures from during my collage phase in fourth grade: Real Simple.

Real-ly Simple, get it??? I'll be here all 7 more.

This summer I’m serving as an editorial intern for the magazine, and even though I’m only two days in, it’s safe to say that this is my best job yet! Over the next two months I’ll be sure to update you on my projects and clue you in to all my eats and adventures as they happen, but for now here’s a shot of the office I snapped to hold you over!

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