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Lessons Learned: Young Alumni Trustee

Posted by on Friday, May 2, 2014 in Academics, Alumni, Conference, Diversity, General Information, Internship, Student Life, Summer, Vanderbilt Internships.

Early Saturday morning, the Young Alumni Trustee Nominating Committee adjoined to select the top three senior candidates who would be put up for election to be the next YAT representative.  If selected, this YAT would be a full Board of Trust member for the next four years.  This post is dedicated to prospective students with the hope of encouraging your future success at Vanderbilt.

Everything that we talked about in that room about the candidates is confidential, but I drew some major lessons from the committee and the individuals.

Thank you Inside Vandy, for the photo of our new YAT!

1. Every interaction you have is full of impact.  There are always consequences to your actions.  For instance, if you meet and greet someone in the first week of school, remember that person’s name and face, and so happen to stumble across this person on the other side of campus, wave and cheerfully call that person out by name, that person will remember that interaction.  Little things like that have an impact.

2. Vanderbilt prides itself on excellence.  All of these people from all four of Vanderbilt’s Schools were at the peak of their fields and their resumes were rather impressive.  What these people had accomplished demanded respect.  Not only were their GPAs remarkable, but they were also doing important work or internships in the summers, they were leaders in their hometown and in Nashville, and they were serving the community.

This photo is from the Alumni Association's website. The Alumni Association is very much the head of the YAT process.

3. Invest in the community.  It isn’t enough to garner knowledge for yourself.  Making an impact with all the knowledge that you garner in college and making it applicable to the every day life is important.  Leadership positions that they acquired were by no means a single event; rather, each of these candidates poured themselves into the organizations, who recognized these individuals’ passions and dedication and rewarded them with leadership positions.

These individuals, were high-achieving people and rather inspirational. After this meeting, I jump in and joining all of the organizations and start impacting Vanderbilt and the greater Nashville community.  Congratulations to Sid Sapru, who is this year’s new Young Alumni Trustee

They sent out a mass email to let us know our new rep!

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