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Meloroo 2014

Posted by on Saturday, April 19, 2014 in College Life, Extracurriculars, General Information, Music, Student Life.

The following is a co-written post by bloggers Caitlyn and me (Victoria).

We’ve just returned from Saturday night’s Melodores concert. It was, of course, fantastic! There are not one, but two, bloggers in the Melodores– Nathan and Rani. Since this is Nathan’s senior (and consequently last) show and he is insanely busy, we decided to interview him after the show and collect the facts so that we could write a blog post about it for him. So, the following is exactly what Nathan would have written about the show if he had time to blog.*

“Per usual, I haven’t blogged in a really really long time. Please allow me to apologize with a haiku:

Hello, I’m Nathan.

Promise I’m still a blogger.

Time to blog, blog, blog.

Now that we’re caught up, allow me to enlighten you to all the things that have happened on the momentous day that is today–April, 19th. The first fantastic thing was that I finished my senior design project! I’ll tell you more about that eventually, but as soon as I finished that I jetted off to Melodores.

We’ve been rehearsing a ton and crazy busy with ICCAs so it is awesome to be at the culminating point of giving our concert. This concert also included our senior solos. For mine, I sang “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard. I’m a bass which means I generally sing the super low notes, and if you’ve ever heard the lead singer of Yellowcard, he’s not the lowest singer on the books. That being said, I totally nailed it. Maybe I should’ve been singing tenor this whole time.

It’s always amazing to see all the fans who come out for our concerts–I may or may not have had several fans who made t-shirts with my name on it which was pretty cool (and definitely not embarrassing). But my true number one fans were fellow bloggers Caitlyn and Victoria who came and cheered and were all-around wonderful.

Thankfully I had the chance to snap a quick pic with my bestest fans.

The intermission act, DePaul’s “InterChorus” was fantastic and it was really great to have them with us for the show. We also did some really fun small-group numbers as well as our set from ICCAs. Overall, the show went so well and I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

More blogs to follow, don’t worry. Nathan out.”

*Nathan did not actually endorse this post at all. But he never blogs due to insane levels of busyness so we thought we’d cover for him. In all seriousness, the show was superb (and so was Nathan) and you can catch it again tomorrow night at 5pm in Sarratt Cinema!

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