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The Final SPOTS: Chicago

Posted by on Monday, March 17, 2014 in College Life, Extracurriculars, Spring Break, Student Life.

I’m still alive, promise. They make you think second semester senior year is going to be this blissful stress-free moment in your life where you have all the free time in the world to blog, but boy are “they” wrong! That being said, this semester is busy in the most wonderful of ways–but more on that later. First, let me catch you up on my spring break!

As you hopefully know by now, I’ve gone on 7 out of 8 SPOTS trips with the BCM in my time here at Vanderbilt, so this last one was a little bit sentimental. We also travelled to Chicago— a city I had never visited and currently the home of my fellow blogger and dear friend Sam! She joined us for the week, which made it extra awesome.

Bloggers, in the bean.

This year’s Spring SPOTS trip was a really interesting look at urban ministry and how it can be done well. I wrote about the ministries we worked with in greater detail on our BCM blog, but I felt like I really took away a better understanding of the struggles of the city of Chicago and how organizations can work to resolve them. I also took away a greater knowledge of the cold and snow– I think our trip to Chicago might be the most amount of snow I’ve ever seen in one place.

Every SPOTS trip is also a constant reminder of the amazing friends and community I’ve found at the BCM. My college experience definitely would not have been the same if I wasn’t a part of the BCM.

The seniors who went on the trip. We're definitely ready for the real world. Photo cred to fellow blogger Ann!

I normally end my SPOTS posts saying how I’m already excited for the next trip, but I guess I can’t really say that anymore. Wow, time is flying by!