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Pimp My Gym

Posted by on Friday, January 10, 2014 in Athletics, College Life, Football, Student Life.

One year ago, Vanderbilt Board of Trust announced that the Vanderbilt recreation center would be getting a new makeover. A $31 million makeover.

This semester, the new recreation center finally opened up to the general public and after a week long evaluation, I must say that I am very pleased by the new look.

With the new renovation, it doubled the size of the previous gym. Some of the new additions include a new indoor turf football field with track lanes, an auxiliary gym, an expanded main gym, bowling lanes, squash courts and many more additions.

It’s amazing how much they have been able to add to the recreation center. The addition of the indoor turf field was necessary as it gives my intramural team a proper field where we can practice. Also, especially now, during the cold months, it gives us the opportunity to run around a track while not dying of frostbite.

The expansion of the main gym was just what was needed as it was originally a very small gym relative to the number of students who use it. Two extra rooms were added and more equipment purchased. Now I feel like I’m an athlete whenever I work out.

But, my favourite addition has to be the bowling alley. I’m not sure how accessible it will be to us, commoners. But the thought of being able to go bowling at the recreation center is an encouraging thought.

I definitely encourage you to check it out if you’re ever visiting Vanderbilt as the sight of the indoor field is one to behold.

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