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I went bowling!

Posted by on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 in Athletics, College Life, Football, General Information, Student Life, Winter Break.

This past Saturday, my sister and I met up with some of my friends in Birmingham, AL to watch the Commodores take on the University of Houston Cougars at the BBVA Compass Bowl. I had never been to an away game before, although I guess this was technically considered a neutral field. It was the perfect ending to my last football game as a student.

Vanderbilt started off strong and opened up the game with a 24-0 lead. Then, the momentum shifted as the Cougars tied it up by scoring 24 unanswered points. Thankfully, though, the Commodores got their heads back in the game and sealed the deal. They ended up winning by a final score of 41-24.

I was amazed by how well our fan base traveled. Granted, Birmingham is about 180 miles due South of Nashville, but I was still shocked to see such a range of people supporting the Commodores. I saw families, alumni, students, and even some high school boys that have recently been converted to Vanderbilt supporters with the program’s rise. We filled about 80% of the stadium, and we clearly outnumbered the two small sections of Houston Cougar fans.

After the game, I was honored to sing the alma mater with my team one last time. We watched Jordan Matthews accept his MVP trophy and Coach Franklin get the gatorade bath. It was definitely one of those football moments that will stay with me for a long time. The entire crowd was chanting James Franklin‘s name. Hopefully, he felt the love and will decide to stay. (Coach Franklin, if you are reading this, PLEASE STAY!!!!!)

My friends and I stayed in a hotel near the stadium both the night before and the night after the game. We explored the city a little bit and met up with some of our peers who live in Birmingham. Although it was not the most relaxing end to winter break, it was absolutely worth it. My sister and I woke up at the crack of dawn to drive back to Nashville. I had to catch a flight for a medical school interview. Needless to say, my flight was cancelled and I did not make my interview. I like to think that everything happens for a reason. I can always do my residency there.

After a restful snow day, classes started today. This semester is sure to be a great one and I can’t wait to share all of my experiences with you.

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